Friday, 25 January 2013

Jabba's Throne Room - the good, the bad, and the blummin' awful

Starting off then, i gave all the figures that were still in their brown plastic a coat of Grey Primer. That made them easier to see and to help choose who i'd use and who i'd not. The Good - this bunch:
I'll be using all these, except Leia as Boussh as the scene i'll be depicting takes place long before she appears, but i thought i'd show her as its a pretty good sculpt. And i'll be using Oola too, despite her having the "long-limb syndrome" a lot of the figures have, as it doesn't look too bad on her. In the Bad section we've got:
Chewbacca's pretty darn good, but included here as he's jut too short compared to the humans. Luke's a good sculpt, but legs are a tad long. Boba Fett's hideous, what with his too large head and far too long legs. Han's a good sculpt but nearly as tall as Chewie. And C3P0 has got to be the lankiest Droid ever. And what's with that mouth? Awful can only be this:
Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. What were they thinking? No way is this going to be meeting one of my paint brushes.

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