Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mangler Squigs

My son's Orc & Goblin army is gaining pace now, and he's nice and busy building and painting. I thought i'd help him out with the heavy duty side of things, so i've bought and will build these beasties. As usual with GW, the photo's don't really do the sculpts justice, in this case they look far, far too comedy:
But i'd seen one built up in one of their shops and i was struck by how much better it looked in the flesh/resin and what a whopper it was. So got one yesterday, and here's what you get:
Its Fine Cast, so that means tons of pour lugs all over. But they come off really easily and the part fit is excellent. I'd heard that the joins were pretty atrocious, especially between body and legs, and i knew that all of these models were withdrawn a while back for them to address the problem. They're back on the shelves now and i'm happy to say that everything fitted just fine. I used Araldite Rapid for gluing rather than the recommended superglue as a lot of the joins are pretty tiny. You're given a whole bunch of options for placing the Goblin crew, as well as mushrooms to place on the base and on the Squigs - apparantly Squigs are a sort of like a living fungus, found in caves. Anyway, here's what i did, then Primed in Grey, then White:
Thoughts then turned to colour. I knew right off that they wouldn't be red as (A)everyone does them red (B) i hate painting red - especially the highlights, which always end up pink (C) my Son's army is the "Red Eyed Peas", with a uniform of red and black, plus his existing Squigs are all red. So that'd be an awful lot of red on the battlefield. So i'd go for something else then. But what? Green is out as there's plenty of that in his army. Blues and purples would look too cartoony. Greys and blacks would be dull. So i went yellow, choosing as the Basecoat Vallejo's "Flat Yellow" I kept thinking of how they're fungus, so thought if i started with a yellow then add very earthy washes over that, i might get a natural, fungoid sort of appearance. So that's what i did, but i used two different colours for the washes - can't stand seeing a bunch of GW monsters together and all thier skins and all their clothes are all EXACTLY the same colours with EXACTLY the same weathering. So, one on the left has "Burnt Umber", one on the right has "Raw Umber":


Jessica Grant said...

hi, hope your son likes it when its complete =)
unfortunately I am one of those who tends to do units of creatures/rank and file, in pretty much the same tones... some may get a little more highlighting/wash than others but this is unintentional unless its a solitary creature or character.

really like this post... I had been mulling over getting these at some point but wasn't too sure of the model due to the box cover... seeing them with the washes shows the details better than gw's paint job.

Mangamax said...

Yep, its another case of the sculpts being SO much better than the box would have it. Really think they should always have a shot of the figure in bare plastic or primer on the back.
Get your point about having units all the same - and a guy at work is slowly going crazy painting up a 40K Space Marine army - but i was thinking more of the down and dirty creatures like Ogres and all Chaos beasties.