Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Mark MK6 - blues

Really don't know why i'm showing this first pic. It's of the ship in its basecoat of Vallejo "Grey Blue", which is a lovely, deep moody blue - but the bright daylight on the day i took it washed it right out:
Its much more apparent in the second one where i've done usual next stage - wash the whole thing with a very watery mix of the basecoat and black, sloshing it around and letting it dry off naturally:
I've found that gives a nice, random look to the weathering. I've also added my trusted Go-Fasta stipes. Not for the identity bands i was talking of before, but as masking for them. I've found they're a much lower tac than masking tape and i've loads of them, so why not? Last two pics are of where i am right now. The bands are on and for them i used Vallejo's "Pale Grey Blue" and, when dry, step 3 - break out the pastels, pastel, then seal with Matt Varnish:


Jessica Grant said...

yup! paintjob has very much brought it all together, that looks brilliant now.

Mangamax said...

Ha! Many thanks 8)