Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Under The Influence - 2

Being an occasional series while the paint is drying, the glue is hardening or waiting for enthusiasm to come back, where i have a waffle on the things, films, books and whatnot that had a direct influence on me, getting me into this hobby or the whole SF/fantasy malarky.
Every model i've ever made is totally down to Aurora monster kits. Guess i was real fortunate to be just the right age of about 11ish when they first hit the UK shops and i can remember an almost fervent craze to amass as many of them as possible among my school friends.
Whereas, with bubblegum cards, you could easily bring them in to show them off in the playground, that wasn't exactly practical with these fellas.
Instead, you brought your alternate parts you chose not to use as proof you had that particular beastie - usually the head, and usually the standard plastic version painted up, as most used the glow in the dark parts on their builds.
These are the one's i know for sure i had.
The Hunchback i never, ever owned but longed for like you wouldn't believe.
And how i cherished Nigel Morgan's spare head of Quasi that he gave me.
Keep considering getting a full kit some time, now its readily available again.

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