Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cylon Raider

Ploughing through the DVD set of the original Galactica series and, boy, its hard work.
Everything that was naff with it back then is still there and its horribly, horribly dated.
Reason for keeping with it is the occasional glimpse of the modelwork of course.
Reckon the models themselves have been rather unfairly overlooked, mainly because of the shoddy camera and processwork making them blurry and indistinct and the conastant re-using of the same shots over and over again.
Look beyond that at the models themselves though, and there's some terrific stuff going on there and you can tell it was Dykstra and co moving straight on to the show off the back of Star Wars, the stamp is all over the designs.
And most of the ships could easily be seen docked at Mos Eisley, yes?
Have said already how the Mining Ship is my favourite of the colony ships, but for me my fave of the whole show are the Raiders - a brilliant, simple effective design, really exuding menace.
Mind turned to making one again as my original one has long been gone. So i've one on the way that i picked up off the 'Bay for just a tenner.
I remember it being a nice, big model - and it also having a hideous empty whole around the engines, meaning you can see right inside.
So i'll have to fix that somehow and i'm also thinking maybe i'll light it as there's sure enough space inside for the battery pack.
What i'd REALLY like is the old conversion kit of a deatiled interior and crew plus clear vac-form canopy - but that's long gone now.

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Mr.Esty said...

I love these posts. The Cylon raider will always be near and dear to me.