Tuesday, 11 October 2011

AB36 Wrecker Droid

That's what i'm calling this new, tall robot project. I've called it that after the initials of the friend who supplied it and his house number.
Anyway, as you see, i've made his "face". And you may spot the main part being a Tamiya 1/35th Panzer turret minus its barrel and upended.
To that i've used three green bits from an old Macross kit, two for the "eyes" and one for the "mouth".
With him now looking like that, he's def from Mega City 1 or strolled off the cover of a 70's SF paperback cover.
Here you can see i've used a Saturn V engine bell for the "neck". Not going to do too much in this area as it'll hardly be seen:

And real fuzzy this, but you should be able to make out that i've started to add detail to one of the arms:

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