Monday, 17 October 2011

DIANOGA! - massive leap

Really didn't think i'd be doing an update so soon.
I've been pondering just what to use for the top skin detail and had it in mind to use liquid latex.
But, that's pretty expensive and i'd need a lot of it. And i was a bit worried that i could only afford to put on a thin coat and there'd be a risk of all the edges of the duct tape visible through it.
So thought i'd coat everything with something first.
But what?
Cheapest option was to use paper mache - but i'm always rubbish at getting the mix right.
I'd noticed in my Art Shop that they stocked plaster bandage for modelling projects.
It was expensive at 7 quid a roll but i thought i'd give it a try as all you had to do was cut it into strips, dip in water for a few seconds then apply.
What BRILLIANT stuff!
Stuck no probs, could be smoothed if i wanted, could be left rough if i wanted, could be balled up to make extra lumps and dried extra fast.
Best of all, i could cut it into strips, wet it, twirl it roughly, and they made excellent tendriles - so i rapidly removed the existing bubblewrap dangly parts and bunged loads on.
Next up, veins made from Hot Glue and hairs all over made from a donor bristle brush

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