Sunday, 16 October 2011

DIANOGA! - eyelids

That's better - putting on parts now that actually make it look more like how it should be, rather than some Blue Peter affair.
I'd been having a think on how, really, i should attach the eyelids now as they'd be a bugger to paint once on.
What to use though? In the end, decided on bog standard carrier bag plastic, folded over enough times to give the right thickness.
First up, scrunch some up to give a nice wrinkle effect, tape it down on a piece of card and prime grey:

Then basecoat in Bleached Bone:

Then wash with Burnt Umber and some black in places:

Once dry it was a simple matter of Hot Glueing in place.
I've gone for a darker shade than seen on-screen, but figure he's basically a turd monster and the colours should reflect that:

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