Sunday, 9 October 2011


Dunno about you, but sometimes i get to my workbench and really can't muster enthusiasm to do anything with what's laid out there.
What usually happens next with me is a hankering to start something new, something quick and easy, with preferably no expense.
Been getting through the Star Wars Blu Rays and it occured to me that a Dianoga from the Trash Compactor scene in "A New Hope" could be fun and do-able.
First up was to find a clear hemisphere for the eye as i reckon painting one of them from the inside gives a natural lens effect to the eye, much better than any coats of varnish could do.
Luckily, i had this half of some container that was just the right size:

First thing to do was study the top pic here and roughly draw in the slit pupil and where the eyelids would go, using red felt tip as i knew it would be visible and would wipe straight off when i was done:

Then it was a simple matter of painting in the pupil on the inside, trying to keep the ragged edges on the original:

This is a fun part, in that i'm painting in the reverse of how i'd normally do it - once the black was dry, i went over it and all round in a yellow/green mix, keeping it moving all the time and adding darker green here and there, making sure it went down through the existing paint to be seen from the outside:

Next up, ditto with red mixes.

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