Monday, 10 October 2011

From the back of the cabinet - The Thing

Made this years and years and years back, basing it on John W Cambell's description of the alien from his excellent "Who Goes There?" short story that, of course, inspired the two "Thing" films and the soon to be released prequel.
The book has it"“They haven’t seen those three red eyes, and the blue hair like crawling worms... Nothng Earth ever spawned had the unutterable sublimation of devastating wrath that thing let loose in its face when it looked around this frozen desolation twenty million years ago. Mad? It was mad clear through – searing, blistering mad!"
So, blue hair and red eyes were on the agenda and i tried my best to make it unhuman looking, with the starnge shape head, elongated neck and grey skin tones.
I also had a nod to the vegetable origins by having his skin breaking open in places to infer he was about to change.

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