Friday, 21 October 2011

From the back of the cabinet - Galactica Mining Ship

Yet another item dusted off to show you.
I built this years back and its a terrificly detailed piece of work. Quite expensive as i recall for such a small ship but it was the smallness that attracted it to me.
I would've got one in a bigger scale as i've always loved the design and, me being a Projectionist and its basis being three film cans, there was another connection.
But, anyway, its small.
And its smallness is due to it being totally in scale with the old Galactica model, which i thought was a neat idea.
So, got one - but then bemoaned that i'd have to track down a Galactica to display it with, my old one long since scrapped.
Step in my friend Alun, who very generously gave me his built one.
So here they are:

Special mention here to the excellent work Alun had done to the model, installing fibre opric windows throughout, landing bay lights and having the engines illuminated.
Top, top work there Alun and i'm still very grateful for the donation.


Alun said...

Boy I'd forgotten that you had that old Galactica now. Still not looking too shabby!

Alun said...

And here is the revamped series model:

Who knows maybe you'll get this in a few years as well :)