Friday, 14 October 2011

DIANOGA! - getting the hump.

That was a bit of luck. Went to the Pound Shop today to get some cheap grey duct tape, figuring it might be easier to see how things are going with the build if its a solid colour.
Before i started though, i did some ironing.
Distraction of choice right now are the audio commentaries on the Star Wars Blu Rays and today i just so happened to reach the Trash Compactor scene.
Of course, i looked up when this fella popped up, and caught sight of something i'd not seen while researching this build - a decent profile shot as he looks around.
Which revealed he's actually got a distinctive double hump to the top of his head, looking an awful lot like a peanut still in its shell (apols for the quality of the pic as its me taking direct from the telly).
So, had to feature that and did so by taking my scalpel to what i'd already made.
That was downright odd - the mulitple layers of Bubblewrap on him, along with the parcel tape making for a slight increase in resistance to the blade in places, sure made it feel like i was cutting through skin and meat and performing an autopsy.
Once done though, he was covered up with more of the duct tape and i've left some bubblewrap hanging down for the basis of the tendril things.
Looking odd now - but at least it can only look better now, right?

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The Angry Lurker said...

Don't worry you'll over that hump.