Thursday, 28 April 2011

We're Off

Okay, last post before tomorrow, when go up to Nottingham for the Dronearama modelling convention. And here's what i'm taking.

And our 10-year old has decided he'd like to make something to put in the show. So he's come up with "W.A.L.L. F":

Its been totally his idea, the parts, the construction, the colours and the decals. All i've done is spray on the basecoat and bolt the wheels and head on. He's had a rummage through my bits boxes and came up with;
Bionicle box for the body,
yougurt pot for the head,
two wheel halves for the eyes,
ladder for the mouth,
three Kinder Egg containers for the wheels.

Well done Samuel.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey I'm in there !!!! :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Oh yeahm the WALL F model is cool, has the look of a mini sub !!! Good luck at the show !

suki5150 said...

Nice Marauder.


Mangamax said...

Cheers Andrew. If the USS Glazebrook wins a category, yu get the prize 8)