Tuesday, 12 April 2011

SHAKARA! - progress

Have held back posting updates on this as i've been real unsure how i'd manage and, if i figured i couldn't pull it off, i could scrap it and not waste your time.
But, think it might be okay.
Top pic is what i had round me just before i started - the torch attached to the base via the neck pipe, clay, sculpting tools and plenty of reference pics.
Pic 2 is what i came up with. A whopping 2KG's of clay on there, making a very odd looking critter without all the chains.
But, lights work okay at the end of it, so that's alright.
Last pic is where i was yesterday. I've detailed the eye area with cable ties and painted it all black to stop light bleeding through - the torch is VERY bright. I've started putting the chains on, working from the bottom up and something slowly dawned on me that i'd never considered.
After a lot of looking around, i'd come to the conclusion that there's no available chain exactly like the one Henry draws.
The closest i could come up to in shape and link size was this "curb chain" from B&Q. I bought 3 meters of the stuff.
And that's it on there.
NINE FEET of the stuff - and it only gets me this far...
So, not only do i have a sculpt that weighs a ton with 2KG of clay on it, its gonna be even heavier with all that chain on.
But, come this far so can't go back now.

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