Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Well, that was terrific fun and had a great time.
Have come back with tons to read, play with and build.
Out of those:

A Forgeworld Nurgle prince + lackey. Lovely, gnarly detail on this one that i'm really looking forward to painting.

Next up, a Slaanesh Keeper Of Secrets. Much smaller than i thought it'd be and am a tad apprehensive on attempting subtle, beautiful paint schemes after so long doing rusty, beat-up stuff. But, we'll see.

Then there's a Martian from the Cruise WOTW film. HATED the design of this and wasn't going to get one, but Dave Daines had one in the show and its looks SO much better in the flesh. But also, Dave had gone with a really effective dark green with red eyes scheme which was so much better than this crappy grey look, and that really sold it.

Something i didn't think i'd be bringing back is a Motion Tracker from "Aliens". But it was in the auction, i've got my original Colonial Marines fatugues and have harboured a hankering to coolect the rest of the outfit, and it was only a tenner because it was such a manky casting.

Oh, and here's my Build A 'Bot entry. Its a Robot Wars robot and what i've done is to details up the rear section, add a flag pole (was going to add a flag but the bar didn't have any wine bottle foil for it), add a codpiece from the front of a helicopter and replace the hammer arm with a blunderbuss sort of gun, made from a pen and the capsule from the 1/44th Saturn V kit.

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The Angry Lurker said...

Nice stuff there, would like that motion tracker but as you say it was a bit of a manky casting. Nice bot.