Sunday, 17 April 2011

Judge Death - fleshy bits all done

Here we are with skin and mouth all done.
Thoughts turned quite a bit to the colour scheme for the outfit now. Before, i went with matt black for the uniform, to suggest he'd been dead and buried maybe, and the oft used bone colour for the shoulder and elbow pads.
Don't want to do that this time round as i'm kind of bored of seeing it done that way.
So thinking to go for a literal copy of the regular Judge's clobber, albeit dark and filthy. So, yellow for the shoulder pads, badge and belt buckle, green for elbow and knee pads, along with the belt.
Thought, if it'd be as filthy as i intend to make it, it wouldn't make sense to have him with a shiny helmet (so to speak). But there's SO many classic images of him where there's those little circles of light up top, that i can't not do it.