Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nurgle Octopus

Was up in the attic today and came across a long-forgotten box of partially completed projects and in there was this fella.
I started it yonks ago and the basis is a rubber octopus that came with my sons long defunct pirate playset.
Back then i had it in mind to turn him into a Games Workshop bad guy (should really have gone with Slaanesh, what with all those tentacles, but chose Nurgle as i was building an army of them at the time).
As you can see, i've added Green Stuuf/cocktail sticks armament to two of the tentacles for a bit of variety of whacking, had finished the fleshy bit, but was only half way through the green parts.
Should be easy enough to finish. Wondering if i should change the black eyes i put in and go with something with more character.

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