Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Producing - 2 - kicking off

With my first attempt at producing something to sell not even going for its 99p starting bid, decided to change tack and go another route for my second one.
Its been bugging me for a while now that i've two MPC R2D2 kits just sitting there minus their domes used for my Hairdryer ship.
Feel i should really use them so they will be the basis of my next build.
But what to build?
Toyed with some sort of satelitte affair, or maybe a bigger robot but, in the ned, thought i'd join the bodies together to form an extended version and have that as the start of a ship.
But what do i use for the front?
Had a good rummage and came up with this - a whole bunch of Bionicle parts that i'd jammed together and painted as the lower section of a WOTW Tripod years back.
Thought the curvy part would make a neat front of the ship and the rest of it looks really busy compared to the roundness of the R2 parts, so thinking its some sort of tug pulling freight a la the Nostromo, or maybe something like something from the "ragtag fleet" of Battlestar Galactica"

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