Thursday, 14 April 2011

Judge Death - Ch, ch, changes

So, as i say, the detail on Death's skin is stunning. Trouble is, in that pose, you just can't see it. First step then - close the mouth, which will then lower the head back down. Simple enough to hacksaw straight across the top of the lower jaw, made easier by it being solid vinyl.
That leaves me with these two pieces which when pushed together look okay. You can also see in this shot two more things that need addressing - the necks far too long now and the rear of the jaw juts out too far.
I also found when washing all the parts that the Death badge was missing. Would've been a problem but luckily i still had me old one in (many) pieces so could nick it off there.
You can see here that i really didn't have a clue sculpting wise back then - did the same cutting of the mouth but left it at that, leaving the bulging jaw, and crudely added detail, making it bulge even more. Rubbish.
Still, the paintjobs not bad. I'm sticking with the Matt Black for the uniform but may go another route for the pad colours.

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The Angry Lurker said...

Very nice, lucky to have the old one which still looks good even though its in pieces.