Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sandtrooper - gaining momentum

Right, decided not in the end to try and find a spacer to stick on top of that Wipe Bottle so that the bowl will fit okay and decided to take a short cut and put in four strips of ABS hotglued at just the right length to give me the height i want:
Elsewhere on the Backpack build, you can see i've bolted on the lower blue seed tray, which has the cistern assembly riveted to it. You should just be able to see to the right the length of black drain pipe, which now needs details added to it. Its a pretty thick pipe and therefore heavy and therefore has upped the weight of the pack to much higher than i thought it'd be - and this is before the other seed tray and all its gubbins is added. Think i'm gonna be sweating a heck of a lot.
Other progress has been to start strapping things together. This is all new to me and is both a lot of fun and a real head-scratching exercise as i figure out just how things like that go. Anyway, i'm finally at the point where i can now actually hear something. Getting excited:

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