Friday, 25 May 2012

General Blackblood - colouring in

Blackblood has from the start been green. And always will be to me. I can understand why Clint Langley went the gunmetal route for his take on the characters in his tales:
to go along with his photo-realistic approach, but its just not for me. So, green he is, but he's gone from a metallic sheen on the above cover to solid green in later tales:
So the question i had was - is he metallic or not? Was he supposed to be so in the above, or was that just because of limits to the colouring process and he should've been metallic? I ummed and ahhed over this but in the end went metallic, as i've always had him as a vain, arrogant so-and-so, who dresses himself up in as much pomp as he could - so surely his paintjob would reflect that. So here's where i'm at:
I've used a pot of metallic green that Citadel produced back in the 80's and is still viable. I chose it over a spray can as (A) i could mix it with black to darken the ridges as you see i've done here (B) after the Sandtrooper build, i can't afford another can of paint

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