Thursday, 24 May 2012

B-Wing - change of plan

So there i am, beavering away on the build: ?
When i spy a new build challenge over on the excellent SFMUk site, which is a group build of 1/72nd craft to assemble into a massive rebel hanger. As that was an idea i had for displaying this ship:
i thought i'd join up. And that was good as something has been niggling me if i chose to go with an inflight version - this lack of detail on the side of the wings that would be covered if they were displayed down:
Its as if the makers never really wanted them open? So that was that prop sorted then. The only trouble i'm gonna have if the wings are laid down is that, the bottom one folds up fine but, for some reason, the top one starts pulling at the joins as i push it down:
But reckon i can handle that ok. Last thing to deal with are the decals. They're pretty accurate from what i can tell, being orange circles:
Trouble is, the area they're meant to go on are very highly detailed and no amount of decal softner will make them lay flat i reckon. So am looking around for smaller replacements. After all, what's wrong with coming up with my own individual craft from a squadron

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