Wednesday, 30 May 2012

General Blackblood - colours

Next question is: what colour his adornments? Look back through the years and his tassles etc sure do change colour: .
Trouble is, i don't like any of them. So i put the primed shoulder dangly things on (which sure went to making him more bulky), as well as blocking in the belt, and had to have a ponder:
In the end i decided to go grey,as that wouldn't be too odd or garish, and went with Vallejo's "Pale Blue Grey" heavily dirtied down to represent the state he ends up in:
You can also see i'm working away on the belt, putting washes on, and based the head band


The Bronze said...

Tharg removed my Blackblood post don't know why so I reposted him
Let a dslightly sarcastic comment.
Looks like me a Tharg are gonna fall out.

Mangamax said...

Think you'll be getting a Rigellian Hotshot then?

The Bronze said...

Any trouble and I will seriously consider cancelling my subs.