Saturday, 5 May 2012


Building the Sandtrooper is all well and good and great fun. Ditto the scratchbuilds. But i haven't made a kit from out of the box since the Blade Runner Spinner quite a while ago and i've missed doing one. So, i had a quick look around eBay and soon came across this kit of a ship i've always liked the design of, but have never built before. I've been kinda put off in the past as the only incarnation i've come across has been the Snap-Fit version - and snap-fit kits of the 80's were sure lacking in places. But this was the stand-alone kit, which i was surprised to pick up for a very little amount:
Upon arrival, i was even more surprised and chuffed to see that it appears to be 1/72nd scale, with some really nice detail:
I've long had it in mind to try and assemble a "fleet" of Star Wars craft all in 1/72 scale - maybe one day to have them all in one great big hamnger. Sadly, my collection thus far amounts to just the Fine Molds Y Wing and TIE Fighter, my accurised MPC Falcon and, i guess, my converted Escape Pod:
I'd love to add to it the Fine Molds Slave 1 and Falcon but, coming in these days at about 70 and 200 quid a pop, that ain't happening. So i'm chuffed to have this inexpensive addition. I said above about having a big hanger eventually but, in the meantime, i may be making a small one just for this craft. Its an unusual design that doesn't appear suited to an easy display choice, but i've come across this image of one being tended, which is really neat and i may well try and do a riff on.

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