Tuesday, 8 May 2012

B Wing - assmbled and basecoated

Okay, stop, stop. Something i missed off the box and only realised when i started building the darn thing is that it is in actual fact a Snapfix kit. Wouldn't know it though from the accuracy of the parts. With it being one of those, i chose to basecoat the parts before building. Here's the sprues in Grey Primer:
And the basecoat, Valljo's "Pale Blue Grey" as (A) i didn't want a boring dull grey affair, (B) thought the bluish tint might help tie in with the other colour on this ship:
And here she is assembled, with just a couple of joins to fill. A surprise, and a rather disapointing one, is that the canopy is a real dark smoked affair - meaning the excellent cockpit detal won't be seen. To counter that, i've done it in black with stark white highlights, hoping they may just be visible. For the same reason, i've just done the basic of colours on the pilot, thinking if i darken it down he just won't be visible

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