Monday, 13 February 2012

Special Weapons Dalek Targetting Drone

Having a good rummage through the boxes for bits for the AB36 craft, i came across this dome saved from my son's doomed radio controlled Dalek.
I was turning it over and thinking what a great shape it is and how i really should do something with it.
Then i got to thinking i really should be producing more stuff to sell.
The proverbial pinged on, so here i go with a real fast build.

I've got it in mind to use just the dome really and had it as a hovering little Dalek Probe Droid to begin with and so quickly ammased these parts. I'm thinking to have the dome exactly the same, no eye stalk but an eye in that recess for the stalk, if i can find another one then the Starfury engine nozzle will be replacing the lights up top, and the various shapes will be for the underside - most probably not the half pingpong ball though.
And somewhere in there will be blobby shapes to suggest those on the Daleks skirts.
So that's that and i started to think what colour should i do it?
First up i thought classic series Tank Grey and Black.
But then thought, if the sculpt is of the modern one, it should be the colour of them.
But i don't like them.
But then i thought - those two ribbed things (which will be hanging down from the underside) don't 'arf remind me of the Special Weapon Dalek.
Then - i'll paint it in the SWD colour scheme.
Then - why not having as a device to aid the SWD?
The only time we see it in the show, it just opens fire and blasts anything in front of it.
Not exactly subtle.
But what happens if it needs to hit something more precise?
Why not have a Targetting Drone, that flies to where the blast should go, the SWD locks on it, fires, and the Drone moves out the way at the last moment.
And, being its aide, it'd be the same colour as the SWD and just as beat-up and grimy too.
Works for me, so that's what i'm gonna do.

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