Wednesday, 1 February 2012

EFFECTive - Leigh Gallagher

I've long gone on the record as being a big fan of Leigh's work both on this here Blog and my "Aieeee!" comic one too, ever since he came to my attention with his stunning work on 2000AD's "Defoe", then on through his "Judge Dredd" tales where he seems to be the only artist these days depicting ol' Chinface as the age he actually is, and this year we're gonna get all manner of fantastic goodness with "Aquila" in the Prog.
In my opinion Leigh is THE horror/supernatural artist right now and its no real surprise he's chosen what he has and i agree with his thought 100%.
Go, Leigh:

"Ok, I'm going for the kick ass transformation scene in An American Werewolf In London, featuring David Naughton with award winning effects by Rick Baker.
Honestly, even though this was made way back in 1981, it's astonishing and EMBARRASSING that there has been no other werewolf transformation scene that has come CLOSE to bettering this baby. Beautiful practical effects from the elongating of his hands, to the popping of his muscles and spine, all the way through to the stretching of his face is utterly flawless, and without any crappy cgi.
Obviously, it helps with the great acting of Naughton. His horrific screaming and wide eyed agonising expression sell it completely, though I could've done without the looking and reaching towards the camera moment!
Bugs the crap out of me that studios still think they can do a better job using cgi for such things...and then fail miserably...they never learn..."

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