Monday, 20 February 2012

EFFECTive - Dave Taylor

Next up for this mini-feature we have Dave Taylor - ace comic book artist and all round Top Bloke to boot.
Dave's just finished work on the upcoming Batman "Death By Design", which you can see sneak peeks of over on Dave's Blog:

Anyway, i love Dave's choice (A) because its a stunning split-second piece of model effects work and (B) i shared the exact same excitement as him along with the insperation to create.
Dave, you have the floor:

"It's the shot of the Eagle crashing to Moon and exploding from the opening sequence to Space 1999. This single second of film is forever recorded as clearly as watching it live. It could be the moment I realised that my own attempts at model building, from scrap Airfix and Tamiya kits, might have a future. I think that shot made me realise it was "just a model", like my models but greatly improved (by the fact that it explodes!), meaning to me at that instant that models are cool. Way cool! The word didn't exist in those days but I might have said AWESOME! Anderson's team of designers and model makers, to this day, inspire. They were creating at a time of growing interest in future design and lead the way, as they still do."

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