Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dalek Targetting Drone - assembled

Told you it would be fast.
Okay, that's him all together and ready for Primer.
Going from top to bottom, we've got:
The two Starfury engines for the lamps. One of them is black as i couldn't find another unused one so pinged one off my part built Black Omega version.
The eye area has a bit from a Gundam kit up top and the eye itself is just a Tamiya tank wheel backed with Plasticard. Into the middle will go the eye lens when all's done.
I've also added some of those self-adhesive jewels for blobby rivets just to break things up a bit.

On the underside it goes:
Bottom of the dome had a circle of Plasticard to seal it.
On to that is the lid of a British Rail coffee cup.
Then two parts from the R2D2 kit, which are the base of his body, but i've turned the upper part round just to give it a bit more height.
I've stuck on two nozzles at the front to try and suggest thrusters.
The two screw-like side bits are legs of a tiny tripod i had and they've been capped with chrome parts from a bike kit.
I had to have the blobby parts didn't i? They were supplied to me in a box of bits that Top Bloke Andrew Glazebrook sent me yonks ago. They're only Blu-Tac'd in place for the primer stage as i'll be removing them for painting.

This is the underside and i've put in some detail but not much as you'll not really see it. Its all centered around the circular piece which i'm saying is the hovering device and just so happens to have a whole that's the exact size to take the clear rod support.

And here's the rear. I've added a couple of bits of machinery and you can see i've used the sticky jewels for the blobs - i've run out of the proper one's at the front.

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