Sunday, 26 February 2012

I've got a voice

Now we've a new computer and one that actually works properly, i've decided to step into the 21st Century and start putting things up on Youtube.
They'll basically be video versions of what i'll continuing to do here, but hopefully you'd see more of what i'm on about that way.
I'm also going to be looking back at past projects and, if they warrant it, maybe some tutorials.
I've already put up one's for the Special Weapons Dalek i've just finished and where i am so far of the Blade Runner Spinner - type in those names and you shoudl find them ok. Or search for my user name of MangaMax07.
If you do pop over, apologies in advance for:
the accent (can't help where i was brung up),
the shaky hands (was nervous),
saying "ummmm" so much (ditto),
and the waffling (its what i do)


The Bronze said...

Very good, nice clear picture and clear commentery, better than a lot of these things on youtube.
Not too much waffling either.

The Angry Lurker said...

Have you got a link?