Monday, 6 February 2012

Blade Runner Spinner - one step forward, one step back

So that's the underside done and the wheels put on:

All well and good.
Wish i could say the same for the top...
After peeling off the canopy masking tape, it'd worked okay - but somehow condensation had built up on the inside of the canopy, along with some of the primer then the Blue getting through a tiny gap and colouring some of the front edge of the cockpit.
Am very pleased now that i glued the canopy down as it was dead easy to pop it back off.

Here you can see i've done a repair job to the cockpit area, tidied up the Blue where needed, and i've started to put on the various lamps and lights up top.
BTW, the very uppermost part - the triangular shape with a red light on top is strange in that the white part of it is actually supposed to be clear all the way around. Strange that they've done so well casting up so many clear plastic parts, but neglected that one.

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