Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dalek Targetting Drone - through the colours

First up, my favourite - when the Primer pulls everything together and gives it more "weight".

And i think the Grey does it much better than the White.
Then we have the basecoat of "Renault Glacier White" which has a coat of Matt Varnish put on top of that - if i don't, the washes i'll be putting on will just bead up or, er, wash off.

Then we have him in his showroom condition, and looking mighty bling.
To keep in with the Special Weapons Dalek colour scheme, i have to do the globes in gold but i also looked elesewhere where i could put it on. I did consider putting it on some of the horizontal bands, but they're too close to the globes and i thought that's it'd be a bit too much in a small area.
So i've left it a couple of panels and the very tops of the "ears".

Just got to give them another coat and then it'll be the fun of dirtying him down.

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Anonymous said...

Dave here - Cult of WiSkaro

That is a brilliant piece of work...

Are you on ?

If so...look up: Acrodrome's Cult of Skaro.