Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Warhound Titan

Have always loved Games Workshops Titans, their version of the Walkers from Empire Strikes Back, and i'd love one to be in scale with their 28mm figures.
But even their smallest versions are hundreds of pounds, so that's out.
But stumbled across a site that has a PDF of templates for one of the smaller craft - a Warhound, which seats a crew of three up in that head.
So, have printed out the templates been transferring them to comic backing boards as its a supply of card i've got plenty of and has the bonus of sticking instantly with Superglue. Trouble is, they don't go together too well and i'm left with this pile of crude, gappy shapes - which is a shame as all this effort, which has been a right old slog, is just for the toes and feet. So, next step is to clad them all with Plasticard, which make things look a lot tidier and make things far stronger to take the weight of the legs and the

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