Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Joe Pineapples

Quite a while back, this stunning sculpt of 2000AD's coolest ABC Warrior Joe Pineapples appeared on the 2000AD Forum.
Chuffed to bits that its finally available as a kit and got mine from Graham today. Its a lovely piece of work by the guy, who's also gone to the trouble of supplying it with some Milliput should i need it.
What a great gesture, that makes me appreciate it even more.
Only downside - its a birthday pressie - and i can't start on it till next month 8/


The Angry Lurker said...

He's looks like Bisley had drawn and moulded him.

Mangamax said...

Very astute - its based on the classic Bisley pinup

Abcwarrior said...

Glad you like the sculpt..Look forward to seeing you bring him to life with some colour.