Friday, 3 June 2011

Killa Kans

The other area of the Games Workshop universe that'll allow for creativity in the scratchbuild stakes are the Orks, as they throw together their craft and vehicles from any old crap thats just lying around (bit like me really).
Don't know anything about the race as i've never been able to get past the stumbling block of how such morons can build, let alone operate machinery. So therefore i've never bought anything to do with them before.
But i'm looking at things to build to sell, making something for them means the reins are off design-wise, and it'll be something different.
Trouble is, i know knowt about them.
Figure, rather than just looking at screen shots of craft i'd be trying to emulate, it might be an idea to go buy some, build them, study them, and go from there.
So, off i go to my local store and buy this box of three Killa Kans. They're armoured suits really, each with an Ork inside and tons of weaponry outside and i went with this kit as you get three, they're not too expensive, are made of IP and i'd read you get tons of parts - useful for my Orky scratchbuild.

Building them up was very nice affair, just like the old days of Airfix and Tamiya, and the detail is terrific, with every major part being interchangeable.
They were done in no time, so thought turned to painting.
The other problem i have with Orks are the crappy colour schemes they're usually in, mainly reds and yellows, making their hardware look like they've stumbled out of a 50's Disney cartoon.
No way i'm going that route and instead am using my tried and trusted JA Grey:

While they're drying, thoughts turned to making my own take on one.
There's a neat tutorial here:
And loads of folk seem to be doing same thing - use a bit of tubing and go from there, which'll give you a Kan of pretty much the same size as the shop bought one's.
But i'll be selling mine, so want it to stand out and be a bit different and figure what'll do that is to go bigger and make it a two or three crew version.

So, had a trawl and what i've done is prise apart the two R2D2 torsos that i'd glued together for Producing 2 (RIP Producing 2) and i'll be using this one. The recessed rectangle at the top i'll be cutting away to form the viewing port and i'll be sticking a cut down Space Shuttle External Rocket up top for a conning tower affair.
Figuring pens and junk will be easy for weapons, the tricky bit will be coming up with convincing legs.

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The Angry Lurker said...

One of the best models and kits they ever produced.