Thursday, 16 June 2011

Frank Kelly Freas

One of the eyeopeners of the SF art book is the work of Frank. I was vaguely aware of his name, but wasn't aware of just how much terrific work he'd done.
Alas, the best in the book doesn't seem to be around on the Net but these should give you an idea.
I've know of the green bloke and the robot that Queen "homaged" for one of their covers, but the rest as been a very pleasent delight


kfreasstudio said...

Thanks for the kind words. Mr. Freas is my late husband and it's nice to know that he's well remembered and that his work is still appreciated. I co-edited his 2000 book: Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It.
Laura Brodian Freas

Mangamax said...

Blimey, hello Laura! Many thanks for popping by! Your husband was a fantastic artist - as his body of work attests. I wasn't aware of the book you were involved in but have just ordered one, as well as the Seperate Star collection.

Scary Robots Ate My Puppy said...

Most artists these days try to copy Giger, they should have some class and be inspired by the Master Framk Kelly Freas, as I am.