Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ork Dreadnought

So, here we go with making a bigger version of those Killa Kans.
The main part of the R2D2 body you can see i've started to cut the viewport out.
If i wasn't selling it, i might have been tempted to build an interior, but i'm not so have to disguise the empty space somehow. Doesn't strike me as accurate the Orks might have windows so i'm getting around it by putting in a blast shield across the opening, which is the Plasticard strip with holes drilled in it.
All the Kans have functional stuff on their backs, which the chimmney comes out of so this yellow piece - a cut-down chassis from a truck kit - will be going on the back.
And that's the cut-down Shuttle rocket which'll be going up top for a viewing tower.

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