Friday, 24 June 2011

Nurgle Titan - toes

Okay, clad all the pieces in Plasticard and here i've started detailing the toes up. They're all going to sit quite close to each other so i've decided to do each before attaching to the foot. Although i'm using the Warhound templates just as a starting block and it'll end up as a unique Nurgle Titan, which means i can do what i like rather than slavishly replicating things, i've run into a bit of a prob.
As chaotic as Chaos is, i figure there's got to be an element of logic to it.
What i'm getting at is the sections that join the toes to the foot. I want them to be detailed and functional, which would be easy. But i'll need to duplicate the detail on each one or it'll look daft.
So, sticking point is to find detail pieces that i've 16 of (2 sets per toe). Only thing i know right now i've got are the blue rods you see attached, which are cut down Ker Plunk sticks

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