Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pingpong ship - well underway

One of things i like about doing Nurgle things is that they not only seem to build themselves, but paint themselves too.
So here she is then.
On the top sections, as well as the yoyo halves, you've got a few kit bits and more of those sticky gems for blobby detail.
On the underside you have a biro body for the engine, an engine bell from out of the spares box and a whole heap of kit parts to make the bulky main body section. Observant of you will spot the X Wing rear section as the biggest part. I've also added some tubing to make the detail a bit more 3D.
And here i've finsihed with the main painting:
grey primer
Catachen Green
Gretchin Green roughly splodged over
metallics picked out
light pastelling

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