Friday, 17 September 2010

WOTW Martian - ah, poo

Poo indeed.
There he is, pretty much done all bar the veins and eye membrane needing painted.
Feeling pretty pleased with it, i turn on the LED to see how its looking...
And something that had never occured to me became glaringly obvious.
Those type of LED's are bright to be sure - but most of the light goes staight ahead instead of in all directions as in conventional bulbs.
Meaning its lighting up the rear of the centre of the lenses membrane and hardly any of it is going out the clear parts.
So, have now dug out the lens (which i'd luckily not glued in) and prised apart the body (which i'd unluckily had) to get the LED and its wiring out.
Decided best step is to get two more of them and try and place each right up behind each clear section.
And i've painted the eye socket silver now, figuring it could collect any stray light and bounce it forwards.

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