Sunday, 5 September 2010


So, back from holiday, all fired up and ready to do some modelling - but have to do tons of long, long shifts at work.
To ease the frustration a bit, decided to take some bits with me to work on there.
The main part being this ball. My wife, bless her, has developed an eye for shapes that she thinks i might be able to use and is always saving me things or bringing stuff home.
She went off to the shops when we were away and came back with this ball, thinking i might like it. Certainly do - but not the contents. They were the most God-awful apple flavoured chewing gums, which i mostly chucked away.
Anyway, took that to work and i also had a quick rummage through the large parts kit bits box and came up with these brown shapes. They're half a body and wings from an Anime kit that i've had for yonks now.
Took quite a bit of glueing and filling as the wings aren't meant to be legs and they're certainly not meant to join there, but in the end i had this.
All the while i'm working on it i'm thinking colour scheme. The unfeasabale design and the elegant detail on the wings/legs are suggesting two possible routes for me:
(1) A brightly coloured Flash Gordon affair.
(2) A Steampunk contraption.
Just got the latest Drone and there's a feature in there on Steampunk, plus there's a category devoted to the subject in next years Dronerama, so am thinking i'll go that way.

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