Thursday, 23 September 2010

Victorian Blaster

Still in the Steampunk frame of mind, this new project was brought about mainly by:
(A) Just finishing the Doctor Grordbort albums - lovely Victorian-set space adnvetures, very tongie in cheek, with some excellent armour designs, care of Weta Workshop (each of which you can buy. Can't help feeling the books are glorified adverts for the range).
The other is my good friend Fluffy who, over on Facebook has created the persona of "Jack Union, Victorian Monster Hunter (!/pages/Jack-Union-Victorian-Monster-Hunter/122950984420156?ref=ts ).
Fired up by both, thougt i'd have a go at making my own weapon, so set out to look for a toy gun that i could use as the basis.
Found it on the first go - Asda have this one on special offer at only 6 quid. I was attracted to it by the neat, swept back grip and the fact there's some detail at the rear that's nice and clunky and that i could retain.
Stripping of its guts, i then thought how i'd adapt it. First idea was to saw the barrel off and bung on an Ovaltine jar. That'd make for a nice, bulky unusual design but (a) its not really in keeping with the elegant swept back look of the grp, (b) figure it'd look to much like Hellboy's gun.
Had a trawl round the shops for some sort of tubing affair that i could add to it, but came up with nothing.
Had a look through my spares box though and came up with this - its one of the external rockets from the Airfix Space Shuttle kit and is the tube shape i want, plus it has nice ribbed detail along it and a flared end, which i'm hoping will be reminiscent of a blunderbuss.
I'm also going to put one on each side to make a double barrel affair.

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