Friday, 24 September 2010

Galactica Viper group build

Really looking forward to this.
Over on the SFMUK site - - a new group build is just about to start.
Namely, everyone builds the Moebius Models kit of the Viper in the livery of a made up Battlestar.
Its been put to the vote and, for this project, the ship the Viper resides in is "Battlestar Excalibur" and they belong to "Spitfire" Squadron.
Rules are:
Must be in this most probably the one colour scheme of red white and blue.
Ship must be as white as possible as the special custom decals we'll be supplied with are translucent.
And it looks like we've got to have them with landing gear down.
That's because next year they'll all be going to the Crewe model show to be displayed in a hanger setting.

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