Wednesday, 29 September 2010

B7 Hairdryer Ship - more progress

This here projects had a wee bit of a stall as, before i can attach any more detail, i needed half a fuel tank from an "AMT Cabover" truck. Not willing to pay out a lot of dosh for a kit in the States just for a tiny bit.
So, been getting kinda frustrating waiting for a UK sale. But then it occured to me that Martin Bower, with his vast stash of kitbits, might have just what i needed.
He didn't, but did have something very similar - it was too long, close ended, had extra detail and chrome plated but would do.
Once i got it was a simple matter of just sawing it to the right size and bunging it on. The only difference once all done will be a little bit more detail on it than the original but i can live with that.
Now its on you can see i've started adding more kitbits around it.

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