Monday, 20 September 2010

Star Wars Year By Year

Been umming and ahhing over this for the last few weeks. Its on offer in my local bookshop at £24.99 instead of the RRP £35.00, mighty big, mighty thick, in a nice slipcase.
Been putting it off thinking its a bit of a fluff piece - i mean, if its really year by year then how do they fill the quiet years.
So, been putting it off, figuring i'll save my money for the mighty impressive "Making Of The Empire Strikes Back", which is out next month.
But, i'm alone with the Sprogs tonight, need an early night so a films out, and figure a new book along with a glass of wine might be just the ticket.
So got it.
And very glad i am too.
Not that wordy, it being more a visual guide to the events prior, during and after each film, but the pictures are fantastic.
Like the "Making" Star wars book - and i'm guessing the upcoming Empire one - there's tons of never seen before photos, not only of Lucas' films, but related one's too. And related is quite an open net.
So, for example, in 1973 you not only get to see what George was up to, but a lot of other folk who'll soon join the project - cue a nice still of Dave Prowse from "Frankenstien And The Monster From Hell".
Still flicking through it at the mo' and will have a proper read once i turn this darn thing off, but of not so far is:
brilliant close-up of the Falcon being detailed,
unusual shot of Vader in mid-robing,
nostalgia shots of the very first action figures,
the bizarro covers of some of the Marvel comics between films,
the flashback of "Splinter Of The Mind's Eye".
Looks to be a great read. Will post up some of my favourite images soon.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I didn't bother with this becasue it had the prequels in it !!

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