Thursday, 30 September 2010

RIP Tony Curtis

Please forgive this interuption from the scheduled themes, but i'm pretty darn cut up about this.
Tony Curtis was THE man when i was growing up and the only person i wanted to be when did finally grow up. First saw him in the Vikings, then Spartacus, then as the Great Leslie (still his finest hour IMO), then as Danny in The Persuaders.
Only as an adult did i see him in The Sweet Smell Of Sucess, The Bostan Strangler, Some Like It Hot and The Defiant One's and realised what an asonishing actor he was and what a great range he had.
The last few years i've been hoping for Tarantino to revitalise his career a la Travlota, but its wasn't meant to be.
Hopefully now, with him gone, folk'll realise what they've overlooked for so, so long. Not fair but it'll be something.
As he goes, i'm left with some terrific pieces of work to remember him by and the following quote (taken from memory, so apologies if its not quite right), that sums him up nicely:
"Aren't you worried a 70 year old marrying a 30 year old might bring upon a heart attack?"
"Hey, if she dies, she dies"

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