Friday, 28 May 2010

Zygon - the curse of studio lighting

Its Hellraiser all over again.
Look at any still from Terror Of The Zygon's and it'll have it that they're shades of orange.
Watch the show and, away from the amber studio lighting, its obvious they're actually a sickly skin tone with brown and orange detailing.
These two pics here show the effect i'm going to try and go for.
Studying them, the paintjob can be broken down thus:
Base of Bleached Bone,
darker wash put over that,
an orange over all the sucker areas and ribs,
a mid brown over that,
a very dark brown in the suckers and in some specific places.
So that's what i'm up to right now. Still looking a bit garish at the mo' but the browns'll take that back.

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