Sunday, 23 May 2010

Nottingham Booty

So here's what i came back with:
A Zygon action figure from FP that i plan on puttying the joins on and repainting (the Giant Robot head comes with it, a cunning ploy to make you buy all the figures in that range and build him up out of the seperate pieces that come with it).
A Plague Ogryn from Games Workshop. The store there is slightly better now in that they actually have Forge World kits behind the counter so you can have a look at something before deciding whether you wnat it or not.
Its something they really should do more of - so many pics in their catalogues or on their Site really don't do the figures justice and its not till you see them that you realise how could they are.
Case in point here - would never have bought this chap just from the photo.

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