Thursday, 13 May 2010

Silent Running - Drone Louie

Thanks to my good friend Ian i've at last got me hands on a kit of the best ever robots seen so far on screen in my opinion.
It was made by UK-based company Planet 51 yonks back and had always been elusive but, as i say, thanks to Ian i've now got one.
Its a nice bit of work - resin casting is nice and clean, with no airholes to be seen. Only clean-up is the pouring lug on the bottom of the main part but that's a flat area and won't be a problem.
As you can see, its a mixture of resin and white metal pieces and, again, they're top notch. You also get some thin wire for the cabling.
No decals as the numbers are etched onto the surface.
Only thing that it could do with is a clear piece for the "eye" but thinking some clear resin will substitute.
Thinking the biggest hurdle will be what colour to do it.
Google him and its everything from light grey (which is what the instructions here suggest) to various greens.
Watching the film doesn't make it any clearer - he's not in it much (hence the exclusion from the still here) as he's the one that's lost going through the rings of Saturn but, from what you do see, he looks to be a sort of pistachio.
Most galling thing is that, with this busted arm, all i can do is drool over it and maybe give it a bath.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Best movie robots ever !!!

The Bronze said...

That's made by Planet x Eric.
If anyone reads this and wants to buy another off me, Robot No 3 the Orange one, for £30 plus postage contact via this blog message.

Mangamax said...

Andrew: Agreed.
Bronze: Tsssk, mine's 3. The orange one is 2.

The Bronze said...

Ah,smack upside the head.