Monday, 17 May 2010

Dragonfly Ship - adding detail

Have realised that, if i use parts already removed from their sprue or don't need tidying up, i can actually continue building things.
Just a matter of squirting out some Superglue onto a plastic surface then dip a cocktail stick into it and use that as an applicator to the model.
Going front to back you can see i've added one of the "eyes" of the ship. I was worried that no glue would stick but found if i packed the inner rim with Araldite it makes a nice snug gripping fit.
I've also added a parts to the midriff. You may or may not recognise tha flanged things as being parts from the old Airfix SR4 Hovercraft.
The green piece on the underside is a trimmed down part from that staple of Anderson modelwork, the Airfix Girder Bridge.
Minds turned now as to what to do with the top area of the main body. I want to leave a lot blank but thought a long detail piece on the highest point might be nice.
But can't put that on till i've come up with something for the "wings".
I already have those, but i need something that they'll attach to which then attaches to the body. That way i don't need to put them on till all the painting and weathering is done (can see meself getting an eye poke from the rotorblades).
But, right now, coming up blank for the attachment point.

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